Dream For Three

Another Long Day

With our early flight on July 11, we were to be picked up at 2:55am from our apartment. I didn’t bother going to sleep, but DW and DD had a few winks. Getting prepared around 2am, I headed downstairs at 2:30am to put some rubbish out and found our driver waiting (he hadn’t been there at 2:15am when I checked how we get out of the door). We were on our way to the airport by 2:45am.

Arriving at the airport, we found several other people who appeared to have camped out there for the night. Even though our flight was at 6:55am, the check-in counters didn’t open until 6am. So we had about two hours of sitting around with no chairs or anything. After checking in (eventually) we then had to head from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1 (a good 10+ minute walk) in order to go through bag check and board our plane.

The flight was largely uneventful, followed by a breeze through customs and another five hour wait for our next flight. This flight had been overbooked and they were looking for volunteers to take €600 each passenger and go to Orlando via New York instead. We considered it, but after having such an early start and waiting around for so long, we were less than keen to wait longer. The flight was heavily packed and I ended up changing seats because they had wanted to seat some children from a family together. I was already sitting separately from DW and DD, so it didn’t make any difference.

I watched a lot of movies on the flight, but didn’t sleep much. DW didn’t sleep much either. Arriving in Orlando, it didn’t take too long to go through customs (although we did have to go through the longer line because the fingerprint scanner, for our ESTAs, wasn’t working when we transitted through LA).

We took a taxi to the hotel, checked in, and then rested for the rest of the night – it had been  long day.


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