Dream For Three

Flowers to finish in Rome

July 10 was supposed to be the hop on/off bus in the morning, followed by our Imperial Rome tour in the afternoon. The plan was to walk to Campo di FioriĀ  (about 15 minutes), do some shopping, return to the apartment to drop off items, then take the bus around Rome until our tour. With the extra rest the night before, we ended up sleeping in and decided to skip the markets, jumping on the bus straight away. Unfortnately the City Sightseeing company had no record of our booking (confirmed after about six of the nine stops). We decided to get off at the Piazza di Venezia, as planned, which was the last of the stops before the place we boarded – so we essentially managed a single loop of Rome.

We climbed Capitoline Hill before heading to Termini (the meeting place for our tour) and hang around there for the rest of the morning. While leaving Capitoline Hill we had some photos taken with Roman gladiators.


After the walk and lunch, we hung around and looked in a few shops (mostly souvenir shops, so nothing exciting).

Our tour was led by a funny old man who walked around with flowers on his cane, which he held up to indicate where he was. As a result, he constantly referred to his group as Flowers. We visited a chapel (from memory) and then the Colloseum (which is actually Flavian Amphitheatre, as it’s an oval with two amphitheatres joined together). This was a very interestng visit and we were able to see much of the innards of the building. It turns out that our guide was the head of the archaeology group who uncovered the last metre of the Colloseum, getting to the orignal floor, about 25 years ago.


Our final stop was Capitoline Hill and a look out over the Roman Forum (this is where milestone zero is, from which all roads out of Rome are measured).


The guide and bus driver dropped people off as close to their final destinations as they could, within reason. We ended up getting off at the Pantheon and headed back to the apartment. On the way we accidentally ended up in Campo di Fiori, so we ticked that off our list of destinations as well.

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