Dream For Three

Heatwave high on our last day in Paris.

We only had a few things planned for today, which is just as well because the temperature was expected to get to 40°C as the heatwave hit. We were expecting a fax from the transfer company for our pickup tomorrow, so I asked at reception – several people wanted to check out at the same time and another lady wanted a taxi – I was impressed as the guy at reception switched effortlessly between English, French, and German, as well as doing several things at once.

After breakfast at the hotel DW and I went out to find a laundromat (we had passed one on the way back to the hotel from Sacre Cœur on the first day). After a few streets I decided to use Google Maps to speed up the process – it turned out that the closest one was the one we had seen on the way back. After putting all the washing in, we realised that mine was missing, so I headed back to the hotel (15 minutes) while DW waited with the washing (which was going to take 45 minutes anyway). After returning we loaded my washing into another machine and put both loads through the dryer. We had a coffee across the road whle we waited – again, the service was very good.

Returning to DD in the hotel, we headed to the Metro (or RER), which was just at the end of our road. We purchased three single tickets (I had done some research the night before) and eventually found the right platform.

The trip was quick (five stops, 12 minutes) and we turned up outside La Maison du Chocolat, where our tour for the day was starting. We had about 90 minutes before the tour started, so we found somewhere for lunch – it was now 32°C at midday. After lunch we did some shopping (which we could afford) and headed back to La Maison du Chocolat for our tour. We found an assuming statue in that area too, which seemed to be constructed out of all sorts of weird and wonderful things.


Our guide arrived and, after confirming our booking (apparently she wasn’t expecting us) we started the tour. Unfortunately DD decided to take on the role of surly teenager and refused to be involved in the tour events (tastings and takeaways), including gelato on a scorching day. We decided to ignore her and not let it spoil our tour.

After sampling many chocolates, eclairs, caramels, gelato, and other goodies, we were directed to our next stop (Musee d’Orsay) by the guide. We were going to take the Metro, but it turned out that a 10 minute walk was faster and easier.

At Musee d’Orsay we looked around the sculptures, including the additionof a miniature Statue of Liberty in June 2015.


There was no easy Metro access from Musee d’Orsay back to our hotel (because of a station closure on one line) so we ended up walking back, stop for drinks along the way. I thnk we’ve spent more on water than anythng else in Paris! By now it was 7pm and 39°C, so we stayed in our room for the rest of the night – none of us were really hungry, especially after the tour. However, I did finish my chocolate eclair that we bought yesterday afternoon.

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