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Lobster in Florence

Sunday 5th July was time to leave Venice and head to Florence. Our train was leaving at 11:25am and we had to check-out by 10am. DW and I headed out around 7am to find breakfast, but the only places open were either for people staying at the associated hotel (at least until 8am) or served bread and croissants. Heading back to the apartment after an hour of fruitless walking, we ended up grabbing something from close to where we were staying (where we had looked to begin with).

We tidied the kitchen area (to avoid a cleaning fee) and ensured we had everything ready to go. Check-out was easy – there was nothing extra to pay and they were expecting us. We got instructions on where to catch the taxi to St Lucia train station, so we walked down to the waterfront (10 minutes with our suitcases) and the taxi left five minutes later.

The trip was about 20 minutes and we got to see a number of cruise ships docked at Venice. Three were docked while the fourth (which DW and I had seen coming in during our morning walk) was letting people off.


We already had the train tickets, so we simply waited for the train (about 1.5 hours), boarded, and read, slept, and looked out the window for about two hours.

Arriving in Florence we walked to our apartment (which was only about 400m away, but around a few streets and tucked away). Check-in was a breeze and we gladly got to collapse in a nice cool room.

Having had a rest for about an hour, we decided to wander around Florence, since we only have two days here and a trip to Pisa booked for one of them. We had a plan to walk to a number of places, including a few Piazzas (or Squares). On our way we came across the main tourist markets and the Duomo. Here we found horse and buggy tours, so we took one of them for a brief tour and history of Florence.


Delayed a little bit by the markets and the endless tourists, we eventually found the first stop, which was a museum. We decided we didn’t want to look in another museum yet, and especially since it was late in the day. The second stop was a garden and, after missing the entrance a few times, we discovered we had to pay to get in – so we scrapped that idea too. The two piazzas were a bit further on, but we decided to head back to the apartment instead.

That evening we found a nice restaurant to have dinner, where DD tried lobster (with pasta) for the first time. It was an entertaining experience and I managed to capture a video of the process.


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