Dream For Three

Sea World to Finish

On our last day in Orlando we visited Sea World.  We arrived before it opened, which gave us a chance to exchange our voucher for the tickets – just as well, because there was a bit of a hiccup and it took them a while to verify the voucher.  We decided against the Quick Queue pass as the park was supposed to be quiet (although, in hindsight, with our limited time due to our flight later that night we probably should have taken them).  We started with the dolphin pool, where we booked a dolphin encounter – the plan was to see the dolphin show first, but I ended up booking the dolphin encounter for the same time as the first show.

We then visited some other parts of the park, including feeding the seals, before returning for our dolphin encounter.  This was well worth the extra investment and we got to pat the dolphins.  From the dolphin encounter we explored more of the park.  We saw our first alligators (while in Orlando) and considered going on the log flume (but decided against it after our experience at Universal Studios the night before). The antarctica exhibit was another popular attraction – the first time we went there the queue time was 10 minutes and we decided against it due to the dolphin experience we had booked; the second time the queue time was 45-60 minutes and we had to skip that due to our limited time.


The next attraction we visited was the 3D turtle show, which was more about conservation and the life of a turtle (from hatching).  The last two shows we went to were the Orcas, which was really well done, and performing seals (which was entertaining but probably better suited for the younger children).  On our way out we went through the Shark Exhibit (much like Kelly Tarlton’s, but possibly not as good) and then some shopping.  We took a taxi back to the hotel, grabbed out bags (which we had packed the night before), checked out, and headed for the airport – on our way to LA.




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