Dream For Three

Tongue tied

We woke early today, as we have done most days, but allowed ourselves time to relax – our airport transfer was due to pick us up at 7am. We decided to have breakfast at the airport, so we headed to reception around 6:30am – the shuttle was already waiting. The checkout process was quick and easy, so we were off by about 6:55am – most of the time was spent loading the luggage, because there were two other pickups on the way to the airport.

We arrived at our terminal just after 8am, going directly to print our tickets and luggage tags – I had completed the rest of the check-in process yesterday, online (when I had received an e-mail from Air France about it). I couldn’t believe how many people were struggling to apply their luggage tags – it’s not that hard and the instructions are provided (albeit in French, but with pictures too). We skipped past that lot and continued on to baggage drop – again, no issues there. By this time we were ahead of schedule, so we got breakfast and sat down to eat it before going through Customs. We have been continually surprised at how little is checked going between countries in the EU – it’s like they’re all just one big country.

Through to departures/boarding and we had more time to spare – the plane was on time, but there was a gate change. The flight was a little bumpy and DD managed to catch up on some sleep (enough to make her pleasant for a while).


Arriving in Venice, again a lack of customs checks, there was a mad rush for the water taxis and ferry. We decided to avoid that rush and have a bit of lunch – we only had a drink and cookie on the short 1:40 flight. After lunch we approached the water taxi reception at the airport, as we had planned, who said it would be 120€ (euros) but there was a one hour wait. We were advised to head down to the dock and get a taxi with a different company down there. We were the first in an eventual stream of passengers, so we got the first taxi, which arrived in about 10 minutes – that cost us 110€ instead. The ride was great and we were dropped outside the hotel.


After check-in, an intro to the room, a description of where we are and how to get places, and some basic unpacking, DW and I headed out to discover where we had to be tomorrow. We left DD in the apartment with the wi-fi.

Taking the first of many wrong turns, we eventually ended up in St Marc’s Square – it was literally packed with tourists! We wandered a bit further and found the Rialto Markets, where we were heading early in the morning – a few vendors were still there, so we got some cherries and strawberries.


We decided to head back to the apartment, aming to get milk on the way. After several false stops and a bit of misdirection, we eventually found some about 100m from our apartment. The catch was that it was long life milk in a plastic bottle on the shelf, rather than in a fridge – it sort of made sense, once we thought about it.

Getting back to the apartment we collected DD (who had dozed off again) and headed out for dinner. We chose to have it at the nearest open restaurant (which was only just opening). The service was a bit lacking (I didn’t get my second beer and DD didn’t get ketchup for her fries) and the prices were high. We got some gelato for desert from a few streets further on and returned to the apartment to eat that with the cherries and strawberries.

Although we are slowly getting there with the Italian, I find that I keep trying to say Oui, Non, and Merci.

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