Dream For Three

Venturing into Orlando

On day two of our Universal Studios pass we were going to go to the park in the morning and at night, but explore further during the day.  We woke a little later than planned, so we skipped the parks and went straight to Florida Mall.  Our main goal was to visit Michael’s (a big craft store, similar to Spotlight in NZ), but also to check out some other stores in the mall (such as Pandora).  Michael’s is reasonably close to the mall (and the mall was closed when we arrived there at 9:30am anyway), so we decided to walk there first – we were surprised to find that this was at least 15 minutes.  Another one of our findings in America is that everything is just so big and spread out.

After Michael’s we headed back to the mall, which was now open.  Although I’m sure we visited all of the wings of the mall, including the new food court wing, it still seemed to go on forever.  There were a huge range of stores, including Macy’s, Disney, M&M, and many more.  Around mid-afternoon, with hands full of bags, we took a taxi back to the hotel.  We unloaded ourselves and then DW and I headed back to the parks to check out the side we hadn’t really looked into much.

We headed back to the hotel to collect DD and then spent the rest of the night at the parks.  We finished with a ride on the log flume at Jurassic Park (where we got a little wet) and then a four-person single-seat wide log flume in the new Rip Saw area, where we got drenched from head to toe.  After a brief attempt to dry off, we left the parks and had dinner at an Italian restaurant in City Walk.  We completed the night with a ferry back to the hotel and relaxed in our room.



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