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Food Crisis

Don’t be alarmed by the title – I decided to try out something I saw somewhere else, where the post title is made up of words that the post is about.

Last night I read an article (in a magazine) on mid-life crisis – I have two comments to make about this.  First of all, the choice of format and layout – the page background was supposed to be some sort of mud splatter, I think.  However, between the splotches of brown and the thin light black text, it was quite hard to read.  It was a men’s magazine (the health and mind type, not the other), but it left me wondering whether they really wanted people to read it, or if the magazine was just an excuse to sell advertising space (as I’ve seen with other magazines in the past).

The second comment I have is about the content.  The article talked about whether or not mid-life crisis is real or whether it’s just a reaction to some significant event that takes place in people’s lives.  The suggestion was that if mid-life crisis is a real thing then it appears to happen between 35 and 65 and lasts anywhere from three months to 15 years.  Furthermore, they claimed that the most common age for it to start is 46, which is my age at the moment.  Although I don’t feel like I’m about to enter into a mid-life crisis, I do wonder how real this is and whether it really is just a significant life event that causes people to do things out of character.

On a separate note, I saw in a technical pamphlet that there is now a 3D Food printer – it doesn’t cook the food, but it does “print” or create an edible 3D object.  I don’t know about anyone else, but given the things that are already being pumped into our food (many of which people are unaware or ignorant of), I wonder how long before this becomes a commonplace item and what effect it will have on our health and wellbeing.  Hopefully it’s just a gimmick and I’m definitely not buying into it.


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