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Life as it happens

Today (or, more accurately, tonight) I decided to start a new thread of posts – something that will encourage me to update this site more often.  The primary category for these posts will be “Life As It Happens” and the plan is to take at least one event (from the news or our daily lives) and give my brief thoughts on it.  Keeping the posts short will ensure I am inclined to keep up with them on a regular basis.

Perhaps the first significant event of the day was that I wasn’t feeling as bad as the last two days, where I spent them at home, wrapped up warm and nursing a head ache, sore throat, and various other inconveniences.  Today I felt normal enough to go out and face the world (albeit with a slow start).

Like many New Zealanders I enjoy sport – mostly watching/following, but occasionally participating as well.  I also enjoy the odd bet or two, especially at times like this (ie. World Cup – mostly for Soccer or Rugby).  One of the big news stories this morning (although, in hindsight, it may not have been all that significant) was who would be reffing each of the quarter-final games in the Rugby World Cup next weekend.  I admit that I was very pleased to learn Wayne Barnes would NOT be responsible for the New Zealand vs France match again.  France seem to have been a bogey side for us in all but the finals in past World Cups - so I have deliberately chosen not to place a bet (one way or the other) on that game.

On a completely different note, I have a new IECC Pyramid chess challenge to respond to – I received it yesterday, but haven’t really felt like responding yet.  One of my primary hesitations is that I know I’m about to be really busy again (with work) and correspondence chess tends to get pushed to the back of the priority list, which is generally an inconvenience for my opponent.  Most are understanding, but it does make it hard to stay motivated/interested.

I would like to spend more time improving/honing my chess skills, but I find that I am generally too busy doing everything else.  Correspondence chess is good because I don’t need to dedicate hours to a single game.  On the flip side, I wonder if I should perhaps get more involved in online chess and play some “regular” games for a change.  They tend to be short time limit games, which I am alright at (since I play fast), but there is also the option to play some longer time limit games (if I can find a whole 30-60 minutes to dedicate to a single game).


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