Dream For Three


This is an online diary for our little farmlet. Situated in Northland we are the proud owners of 13 acres (approx), complete with chooks (hens, roosters, and chicks), horses, cows, sheep, pigs, dog, cats, budgies, and the orchard.

We are a homeschooling family of three. Bevan still works in the city so is away most of the week leaving Sammie and I dealing with everything else most of the time. Having spent most of our lives being ‘townies’ and living in the suburbs it was a big step to branch out into the country and learn about a whole new lifestyle.

Just over a year later we are still here, still learning, and have now decided to write down some of our adventures.

We are not way out there in our thinking, and are not about to give up all the comforts of modern technology, but have embraced a simpler way of life, and through it learned to be more patient, and less commercial in our thinking. It is an ongoing process and with Bevan still working in the big smoke, Sammie and I areĀ  coping as best we can.

I am sure many of the locals and indeed many others are very amused at what we are doing, but we are learning as we go and having fun along the way.