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Enhancing The Milking Bay

Posted on: Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 in: Buildings, Cows

With all the rain we got over Winter it was painfully obvious that we needed a floor on the milking bay.  This would solve at least two problems – the cows would no longer be knee deep in mud while we (ie. Sharon) were trying to milk, and they would (hopefully) be less hesitant to […]

The Shed Gets Finished

Posted on: Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 in: Buildings

I can’t remember when this happened exactly, but I ended up getting one of the neighbours to help me put the shed up.  However, before that could happen I had to build the floor.  We picked a spot in a paddock next to the house (for easy access) and I proceeded to manually dig the […]

Our First Chook Dome

Posted on: Friday, August 28th, 2009 in: Buildings, Chickens, Garden

Sharon has been doing a great job with the gardens.  For some time now she has been talking about chicken domes and the benefits of them.  She eventually found a set of plans for building a chicken dome and I went out to gather up all the bits and pieces we needed (well, apart from […]

Milking Bay First Steps

Posted on: Saturday, April 25th, 2009 in: Buildings, Cows

With Daisy pregnant and due to give birth in a few months time, it was well overdue for me to build a milking bay – first time mother and all that sort of thing. I started off by planning out the location of the posts, then the neighbour kindly used his post hole borer to drill […]

The infamous shed moves a step closer

Posted on: Tuesday, January 20th, 2009 in: Buildings

It all started several months ago (the October 2008, but not purchased until November 2008, according to the bank statement), when I decided that buying a kitset shed would be a brilliant idea – get some of the seldom used stuff out of the house, while keeping it safe from the weather. Little did I […]